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Settle in Germany - Your expat guide for your daily life

The Start in a New Country can be Hard…

Even if nowadays you may perfectly survive in your job and free-time without any German, some administrative tasks are still hard to master – opening a bank account, finding a free credit card, getting a mobile phone plan, finding a broadband internet operator, submitting your taxes or finding a health insurance. No worries! No matter what may come up, Settle in Germany helps you out!

As an English-speaking resource, this site aims to support newcomers and proper residents. There is a lot to come in the future. For the meantime, we start to give you an idea on how to handle your financials in Germany…

Check our best guides!

Banking & Finances: Overviews and Reviews of Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Communication & Utilities: Comparison for Prices and Providers of Phone, Internet, Electricity or Gas

Taxes & Insurance: Calculate Taxes and Insurance Cost

What our readers say about us:

“Thanks a heap! This site is great and the best I found for non-natives. Your comparison helped me a lot to open a German current account.”

“Thank you for showing all expat friendly banks in Germany. I will try one for sure!”

“Even though my german isn’t good, i opened a bank account with DKB. it was super easy and i’m very happy. thanks for providing all this information.”




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