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Open Your Bank Account with Commerzbank:
Step-by-Step Guide

Last Update: 13 May 2024

Commerzbank is Germany’s second-largest private bank with a strong reputation for security and reliability, so it has been honored with awards from Germany’s financial magazines €uro and Focus Money. It is famous not only among German nationals but also among expats and international students in Germany. Commerzbank is one of the few traditional banks with a vast network of branches offering free bank accounts without monthly base fees for adults and students. It provides an English mobile application and banking interface.

Individuals applying for the “Kostenloses Girokonto” exclusively receive a 50 Euro start bonus when opening the account online. Unfortunately, the online account opening is only available in German. But no worries, you do not need an appointment! Check our step-by-step guide to securely complete the online opening process.

H?chste Sicherheit Siegel
Beste Filialbank Siegel

6 Reasons to Open an Account with Commerzbank!

Bank Account for Free

The Commerzbank “Kostenloses Girokonto” for adults is without monhtly fess if you register monthly incoming funds of at least 700 Euros. The “StartKonto” for students up to 27 years is unconditionally free of charge.

Free Bank Cards

All customers receive a Girocard that supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. With the “StartKonto,” students also get a free Visa Credit Card. Further cards are available on request against a fee.

Free Cash Withdrawals and Deposits

You enjoy unlimited cash withdrawals and deposits in Germany at Commerzbank Branches, Cash Group ATMs, and cooperating retailers.

€50 sign-up bonus

You can get 50 Euros as a starting credit when you sign up online, use your bank account actively, and agree to phone and e-mail marketing during the first months.

Wide network of branches

You can easily visit one of the 400 Commerzbank branch offices in Germany for personalized service.

Stable and reliable

Commerzbank has a strong reputation as Germany’s second-largest private bank. All deposits are insured under the German national deposit insurance scheme.


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