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Last Update: 2 January 2024

1. Overview: DAZN Germany

DAZN is probably the streaming service that has gained the most significant attention for its sports coverage. DAZN has earned a reputation as a go-to platform for sports enthusiasts, offering live coverage of various sporting events and leagues. Let’s dive into the key factors that make DAZN in Germany an appealing choice for expats: its international program and English-language support.

2. Does DAZN Germany feature English Commentary?

One of the primary concerns for English-speaking residents in Germany is the language barrier and whether DAZN programs are exclusively available in German.

While DAZN primarily offers German commentary for its programs, it also provides English commentary for international events, including Premier League matches and other international competitions. Users have the option to select this in the stream settings. Unfortunately, there are no other language options available. For example, for Serie A no Italian commentary is offered.

3. What’s the Schedule of DAZN Germany? Do they cover the Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga?

DAZN in Germany offers a wide selection of sports coverage. In 2024, DAZN has exclusive rights for the Italian football league Serie A. It also streams the Bundesliga matches on Fridays and Sundays. The Bundesliga Saturday matches are available through the WOW streaming service. The English Premier League is not available on DAZN Germany. However, it is also available on the WOW “Live Sport” subscription. 

Additionally, DAZN’s coverage extends beyond football, featuring sports like NBA basketball, tennis, boxing, golf, handball, and winter and motorsports. You can check their event schedule and covered events on their website.

4. How are the Streaming Quality and User Interface?

The streaming quality and reliability of DAZN is generally smooth. Streaming service is available in Full HD quality, UHD transmission is not available but is planned in the future. The user interface is intuitive. DAZN Germany also allows to switch the language of the user interface to English, making navigating the platform more comfortable.

What is the Price of DAZN Germany? Is there a Free Trial?

DAZN in Germany operates on a subscription-based model, offering various packages to suit different preferences. The pricing is competitive and offers flexibility, allowing users to choose between monthly and annual subscriptions. The following subscriptions are available for the following monthly prices in 2024:

  • Unlimited: 29.99 Euro (yearly subscription)  / 44.99 Euro (monthly subscription)
  • Super Sports: 19.99 Euro (yearly subscription)  / 24.99 Euro (monthly subscription)
  • World: 6.99 Euro (yearly subscription)  / 9.99 Euro (monthly subscription)

DAZN World includes events like Women’s Bundesliga, darts, and handball as well as the sports channels Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2. DAZN Super Sports furthermore includes Serie A football and NBA basketball matches. League 1 matches of the Bundesliga are exclusively available in the Unlimited package. You can check the required subscription for each sports event on the DAZN Germany website (promotional link).

It’s worth noting that DAZN offers a free trial. You just have to create a free user account and can watch selected events for free. This includes live football matches, highlights, and documentaries. In case, you are just interested in watching a single or limited amount of events, you can sign up for a monthly subscription and cancel it thereafter.
Overview of DAZN packages and montly prices for yearly subscriptions in Germany (Source:
Overview of DAZN packages and montly prices for yearly subscriptions in Germany (Source:

Where can I watch the Premier League in Germany?

DAZN Germany does not feature the English Premier League. However, all matches are available on WOW. WOW also covers the Saturday Bundesliga matches, NHL, formula 1, tennis, and more. For Sports the following options are available:

  • Yearly subscription: 24.99 Euro/month incl. Premium (full HD and parallel streaming on 2 devices)
  • Monthly subscription 29.99 Euro/month (Premium is available for an additional 5 Euro/month)

Furthermore, WOW features other packages including HBO series, Sky-exclusive productions as well as Blockbuster movies. International sports, movies, and series are also available in their original English version. You can find all the relevant information about content and prices on the WOW website (promotional link).


DAZN is a great choice for everyone, who is passionate about sports. It is also very expat-friendly thanks to its English commentary and user interface options. In case, you cannot find your desired sports option, you should check out WOW as a potential alternative.



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