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Fidor is one of Germany’s online banks relying on a completely digital model. Fidor was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the Bavarian capital of Munich. It offers free current accounts for active private and business clients. Moreover, digital credit as well as investment products belong the portfolio.

1. Overview: Which Bank Accounts can customers choose from?

      • Smart Current Account (for private individuals)
      • Smart Business Account (for self-employed people and freelancers)

Last update: 5 April 2021


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2. Features: What does Fidor offer?

All accounts come have a German account number (IBAN). Both Fidor accounts (Smart Current Account and Business Account) include the following features:

      • Free Virtual Girocard
      • Free mobile payments in Germany and within the Eurozone (Apple Pay / Fidor Pay via Android)
      • Free online and mobile banking (i.e. transfers, standing orders)
      • 3 free monthly cash withdrawals at associated retailers in Germany (i.e. real, REWE, Rossmann, dm; max. €300 per day)
      • Free monthly cash deposit up to €100 at associated retailers in Germany

As of 10 transactions per month (i.e. incoming/ outgoing transactions and direct debits, card/ mobile payments, cash withdrawals/ deposits) the accounts are free. Otherwise, a monthly fee of €5 is applicable.

A physical card (Fidor Debit MasterCard) is available for an additional fee of €1 per month. For a monthly fee of €2 you receive a Fidor Debit SmartCard that includes Maestro functionality and 2 free monthly cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide (additional foreign currency transaction fee of 1.5% outside of Eurozone).

Fidor Debit MasterCard Fidor SmartCard
Fidor Debit MasterCard and SmartCard (promotional link)

3. Requirements: Who can Open a Bank Account with Fidor?

Job requirements

Anyone can open an account. Self-employed people and freelancers can open the business account that comes with the same conditions as the standard version.


Accounts can only be opened with a German residence and address.


Credit checks are performed when opening the account (i.e. SCHUFA records); however, Fidor is not known for rigid conditions and is therefore well suitable for Germany newbies.

4. Customer services: Which languages are supported and how is the online/ mobile banking?

Language support

The website is available in English and German. Customer service per phone (daily from 8 am – 6 pm), mobile app and online banking are exclusively available in German.

Online banking and mobile app

Through Fidor’s online banking and mobile app you can fully manage your account. The following features are available:

      • Review of balances and limits
      • (Photo) bank transfers (between Fidor accounts in real-time)
      • Temporary blocking and permanent deactivation of card
      • Geo-blocking of card for certain countries
      • Definition of card limits
      • Push notifications in real-time to control card usage
      • Trade of foreign and cryptocurrencies
      • Mobile payment (Apple / Fidor Pay on Android)
      • Cash withdrawals and deposits in stores
      • Online postbox
Fidor Mobile App - Transactions and Balance Overview Fidor Mobile App - Realtime Transaction Fidor Mobile App - Card Administration
Fidor mobile application: Overview of balance and transactions, real-time transfers, card administration

Further services

As described among the online banking features, Fidor allows investments in foreign currencies and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the digital bank offers installment loans as well as overdrafts.

5. Account opening: What steps to follow to get a Fidor Account?

Opening an account is convenient, fast and done completely online. It follows the ordinary opening process for German bank accounts: You will have to fill out the online form with your data and then identify via Post- or Video-Ident.

For any questions, do not hesitate to use the comment function!

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